Apex Envirotech, Inc.

Apex Envirotech, Inc.


Apex Envirotech, Inc.

Thomas Paul
1920 W 143rd St.
Suite 100
Overland Park, KS 66224
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Phone Number (800) 291-0908
Phone (913) 685-2928
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Apex Envirotech, Inc (Apex), is a privately owned corporation of professionals with diverse backgrounds in all areas of environmental management, remediation technologies, geologic and engineering consulting. Apex has established offices in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, and Kansas. Each office offers a wide range of geographic coverage to service the needs of Apex’s clients.


1920 W 143rd St., Suite 100
Overland Park, KS 6624


9420 N. 90th Lane
Peoria, AZ 85345


11244 Pyrites Way
Gold River, CA 95670

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